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Two years ago, I decided to try my hand at self-publishing. I did it for several reasons...first, to see if I COULD do it, if people would actually be interested in my book(s), and to familiarize myself with the process for when the time came when I'd be publishing something that I believed was significant. It's been, to say the least, a circuitous and interesting journey, that has taken me from relative obscurity to slightly less obscurity. But what I've learned is priceless and will enable me to continue to forge forward in my quest for the one book that will legitimize once and for all my status as a bonafide writer.

My first forays into the world of Independent (Indie) publishing resulted in several ebooks that would never afford me Pulitzer Prize status. Moving forward, I decided to consolidate those short novels into one collection, which is currently still available through Amazon. Since then, I've added a collection of nature essays to my short list of accomplishments, which I hope will fulfill two requirements: first, to perpetuate the spirit of oneness with Nature that I feel is vital to our survival as a species; and second, to place myself in the category of Someone Who Has Published a Real Book. I say this, because many people I know don't own Kindles or Nooks or any other sort of electronic reading device, and still prefer to hold a paper copy in their hands on a rainy night in front of the fire.

My book-writing adventures are a work in progress, with more to come. I currently have two more projects in the works, with the hope that I'll be announcing their publication here very soon.

Somewhere, some place, I read something about writing being necessary to the writer's survival. The act of putting words down and arranging them into some kind of sensible order is as vital to me as breathing. For if I weren't able to do this, breathing would lose much of its importance and would not seem worth the effort.

It was William Carlos Williams who said, "I think all writing is a disease. You can't stop it."
I can relate.


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