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When I started college in 1989, one of the first things I was asked to do as a new non-traditional student was to assess my own skills set and compose a list of favorite activities that tied in with them. The purpose was to try to narrow down any abilities and interests I had that could be channelled into a career search. I took this "test" several more times during my college years, and even beyond that in career development workshops I attended. And in almost all cases, I always came up with the same three fields of interest: writing, art, and nature. In the beginning, my main focus was art, and, with the help of my late partner, who had two art degrees, I thrilled to the experience of buying all the materials I'd need for those first courses: basic design and basic drawing. With those courses behind me, I decided to shift my focus to writing, with thoughts toward a double-major. But it didn't me long to realize where my real strength lay. From that point, I concentrated on expanding my literary base by reading the works of as many different classical authors as I could and writing every chance I got. The writing that was also required in all those courses further helped me to hone my skills, to the point where one professor told me that she wished all the papers she ever had to grade were as well-written and a pleasure to read as mine were. That decided it for me, and I went on after college to use my writing skills as a journalist, a feature writer, a correspondent, and a columnist.
Somewhere along the way, my old love of art was once again reawakened in me. This time around, however, I developed a new interest in photography, and decided to go as far as my ability to see would take me. The process was helped along by the fact that I spent nearly 30 years of my life living in rural areas, where there was no end to the subject matter that appeared to me through my camera's lens. And that process has led me here, to this website, where I will attempt to share my three passions to the best of my ability...
Words, images, and nature...in no particular order!


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