Web designer Job description and Responsibilities:

  • Liaising closely with a customer or client at the design stage to answer questions.
  • Producing a design that will be attractive to the target users.
  • Writing web pages in a combination of codes, such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML), Java Script, Action Script, Cold Fusion, Java, Perl and Flash, or using code-generating programs, such as Front Page or Dreamweaver.
  • Deciding on how images and other material will be digitally optimized for the web.
  • Ensuring that material on the web site is accessible to all groups.
  • Testing the site for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.
  • Fixing errors.


Web Designers - Web Design

A Web Designer will usually offer HTML and graphics web design services and create visually focused web pages. The difference between a web designer and a web developer is that a developer usually has more back-end programming skills and a web designer is more focused on the look and feel.  So, who would YOU want to design your web pages? 

Web designers will have knowledge of graphic design packages such as Photoshop in order to produce basic layout and manipulate images. Skills in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), E-Commerce and server side (SSI) technologies, such as PHP and Perl, and internet security are also important. As users gain faster access to the internet via broadband, web designers with skills in multimedia and interactivity are likely to be in greater demand.

Web design is the design of web pages, websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, images, and other media. 

Whether your needs are business or of personal nature, Andrea’s Web will help you design your presence on the web, in your own voice.  And, if you imbue your website with a unique voice, visitors will notice, remember and return. 

Not sure what to make of all the online choices for a web design company? One thing is for sure; don't bother with those who don't share their rates for services or who only give you an e-mail address, keeping their physical / mailing address, and phone numbers a secret. 

Call Andrea's Web Design today at 207.590.4068 or E-mail us for your personal web designer!Please remove the ".' between the "a" and "s" in the email address.

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